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2011-03-11 15:42:32 by FDA

I was on here for a related recap... and decided to post a short blast...

I am glad people still recall the beginnings of NG. Tom & I shared many adventures getting this place out to the masses... I got us on the sticker and merch roll... we made some funny games...

FDA was a fun ride since, at the time, there was nothing really like it and to this day, people reference it.

I have spent the last years, working on various music productions... from composing music for A&E Biography, Nickelodeon shows such as The Mighty B! (Amy Poehler)... touring lots as a drummer and being able to meet many NG, FDA and Sillygoth friends, fans, family.

Fischerspooner, Lady Gaga, Daniel Ash & David J. (Bauhaus, Love And Rockets), Juno Reactor, Thrill Kill Kult, Technical Itch, Traci Lords (yes, that Traci Lords), Josie Cotton, Haujobb, Donita Sparks (L7) and Johnette Napolitano (Concrete Blonde) are some of the artists with whom I have worked in one capacity or another...

I will vist again soon and write more.... Please contact me if you would like to get in touch and say hello :)

I write a blog:
I post music, much of which you can download for free:
I twittacize:

Best Wishes!

---Shok (aka Tyrone, Santa Dogg)